On September 19, 2018, the SDG Accelerator's acceleration workshop will take place at UN City in Copenhagen with the participation of all 15 companies in the programme. The Acceleration workshop is part of the Innovation Journey, which mixes three individual sessions, a joint Innovation Lab and an Acceleration workshop, together supporting the design of new business solutions with impact on the SDGs. 

During the Acceleration workshop, we will help the companies qualify solutions with investors and potentially establish funding opportunities. The workshop includes peer-mentoring, inspiration on the SDG investor perspective, fine-tuning of business case, sparring with partners, a milestone meeting and networking.

Stay tuned. More details to follow. 


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As a response to COVID-19, BLUETOWN has provided free data-access to all users on the local cloud in Ghana to view informational COVID-19 videos from the WHO.

On Friday 21 February 2020, we celebrated the 19 Danish small and medium sized enterprises that in the course of 2019 had completed UNDP's innovation programme "SDG Accelerator for SMEs".

It is with great pleasure that UNDP and the Danish Industry Foundation invite you to a celebration of the companies that in 2019 completed the SDG Accelerator programme for small and medium sized…

Danske virksomheder får ild i øjnene, når de hører ordet verdensmålene. Men hvad betyder de reelt for erhvervslivet, og hvordan kan de bruge dem til at udvikle ny forretning, der både gør godt…