1. From ESG to SDG on SMEs -  Helping financial institutions get impact (SDG) ratings/data on SMEs. For example: Startups that can generate impact measures on SMEs for FIs that go beyond ESG. 

2. Accelerating decentralized finance for the ‘bottom of the pyramid’ -  Solutions that target bottom of the wealth pyramid For example: A platform which provides investors with transparency and traceability of investments into micro businesses in developing regions 

3. From ESG to SDG for Wealth Management & Financing  -  Helping wealth managers , investors, lenders and others get impact metrics on firms and portfolios. For example: A startup that can automatically screen investment portfolios and create transparency in impact according to SDG framework, enabling a transition towards more sustainable investments. 

4. Financial inclusion and literacy of MSME networks - Solutions that would allow unbanked MSME’s and individuals access to financial services and path to financial prosperity.

For example: A startup helping build a credible credit history for MSMEs using alternative data sources

5. Empowerment of low-income employees (HR+Fintech) - Help global corporations support their local employees with financial services and literacy

For example: A global company (e.g. retailer) that wish to offer their employees in lower income regions access to additional financial services and training.

6. Enabling deep-tier financing - Help rethink the way that financing of large corporates trickles down towards their suppliers

For example: A global bank wishes to finance a large corporation through an instrument that ensure fair distribution of that financing towards the supplier network of that corporation 



















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