Maritime SDG Accelerator

The Maritime SDG Accelerator is an intense business development programme as part of Danish Maritime and UNDP's project "The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - a new platform in the maritime industry". The platform aims to accelerate maritime companies' work to develop new business solutions under the auspices of the SDGs. The Maritime SDG Accelerator kicks off at the end of June 2021 will run until end of the year with 10 Danish maritime companies across the Blue Denmark with customized tools from UNDP's SDG Accelerator for SMEs programme.


The SDGs provide a plan of action for addressing the world's most pressing challenges, and thereby also a framework for sustainable solutions.

The maritime sector needs to be an essential part of the solutions, and more and more companies recognize the SDGs as levers for innovation, growth, and better competitive performance. The SDGs also make up a powerful framework for strengthening the companies’ purpose narrative and for attracting talents, customers, and investors. The Maritime SDG Accelerator is built on the successful SDG Accelerators for SMEs (2018-2019), where 32 Danish industrial companies all used the SDGs as a driver for business innovation.

The participating companies are:
Viking Life-Saving Equipment, Svanehøj Group, Rohde Nielsen, MAN Energy Solutions Denmark, Insatech, PJ Diesel, Scanel, Fayard, and Danish Maritime.

The programme has three overall objectives:

1.    Promote sustainable innovation in maritime companies and develop at least one SDG solution per company - a product, a service, or a new sustainable business model.

2.    Use sustainable innovation as a basis for creating a broader understanding of how maritime companies can work with social and environmental sustainability, both locally and globally.

3.    Create a model that can inspire maritime companies outside the programme to get started with integrating the SDGs in their business.

The participating companies will work through a tested methodology and receive guidance to develop new SDG business solutions that address the challenges embedded in the SDGs.

  • The Innovation Journey : The innovation journey comprises a range of facilitated workshops and sessions that will run from end of June and until the end of 2021:
  • Framing the problem: Introduction to the SDG’s, brainstorming main problems and ideas, prioritisation of ideas.
  • Ideation: Biggest identified ideas are connected to the SDGs and the Case for Change is formulated for prioritised ideas.
  • Innovation Labs: 1) Introduction to the SDG Impact Canvas and key customer/end user/beneficiary pain points; 2) Introduction and working with value proposition development and outline potential solutions; 3) Setting up testing plan for a potential solutions and finalise business model canvas.
  • Business Case & SDG Impact: SDG impact guidance and prepare business case for potential solution.
  • Braintrust: Get learnings from the rest of group + experts.
  • Expert workshops: Meet with experts - each company signs up to the relevant workshops.
  • Business case development: Individual work with facilitators.
  • Planning: Milestone-based plan developed for how the solution will be integrated into business along with roadmap and project plan.
  • Solutions fair: ‘Demo Day’ showcasing progress, business case and next steps to all participants in SDG Accelerator.

About Danish Maritime and the UNDP

Danish Maritime is a business association for Danish suppliers of maritime equipment and ships. As a service body for its more than 125 members, Danish Maritime works to ensure that the Danish maritime industry can continue its success and strengthen its global competitiveness.

The UNDP is the leading UN development organization with a presence in more than 170 countries and territories and a comprehensive network of global experts. UNDP helps countries to develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities and build resilience in order to sustain development results. As such, UNDP has a strong position in relation to implementing the SDGs across sectors, industries, and markets.


More information:
Camilla Marie Thiele, UNDP, +45 21 69 00 64, [email protected]

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